Ford Motor Company is going through another recall.

This recall is an expansion of a national recall of the company’s SUVs. Ford is also telling owners of these SUVs to park them outside after there was a series of engine fires.

The new recall covers 2020 through 2022 Ford Escape, Maverick, and Lincoln Corsair vehicles with 2.5-liter Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid engines. With this recall, there have been no injuries or accidents and these vehicle owners are not encouraged to park their vehicles outside.

This whole situation started in May when the company initially recalled 39,000 vehicles due to fires. At that time Ford said that the fires could happen even while the engines of the vehicles were off. Ford did not know the cause of the fires or how they were happening. Ford did say that the only vehicles affected were the 2021 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs.

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On Friday, July 8, 2022, the company expanded the recall to 66,000 SUVs after there were reports of more fires happening.

And now Ford is expanding that recall even further to another 27,000 vehicles.

This is not the first recall that Ford has had to deal with this year. They have actually had 44 recall campaigns this year.

If you are wanting to check your vehicle for a recall you can do that here.


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