Over the weekend, we reported that Lafayette Christian Academy head football coach Jacarde Carter resigned from his position with the school. However, there was speculation from many in the know that Carter was fired and did not quit.

Carter is now speaking out to confirm he was indeed fired and did not resign.

I received a statement from Mr. Carter yesterday via email in which he wrote to his "Knight Family" the details of what happened.

In a nutshell, he claims that he was fired from his position as Head Football Coach and Teacher of Business Electives on Friday, January 8, 2021.

Carters says in the letter that he met with the school's superintendent, Greg Norris, with hopes of a pay raise. Carter claims that Norris's response to the request was that he was paying all that he could and would not be able to increase his pay.

It was what followed that led to his dismissal. Carter says that Mr. Norris went on to state: "I don't want you to be resentful or have hatred in your heart towards the school, which I know you will, so this is where we will part ways. Grab your things and leave."

In an interview with KATC-TV 3, Carter further detailed the encounter.

I know he was trying to provoke me. I know he said three times 'we can't and we won't pay you, now what you gonna do about it.' And he's getting aggressive more and more aggressive. So the third time, I look at him eye-to-eye and say 'you're the superintendent of the school, so what are you going to do about it. Because ultimately, you make the decision.

Jacarde Carter had been with the school for four and a half years, having served as the football team's head coach the last two years. His team won state championships in both those seasons and have won the last four state championships in their respective divisions overall.

KATC also reports that LCA lead pastor Jay Miller said Friday that Carter resigned, but softened his stance this week when asked about it again. Miller declined further comment but did wish Carter well.

With permission from Jacarde Carter, below is the departure statement he released on his behalf.

Provided by Jacarde Carter
Provided by Jacarde Carter

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