A former LSU Tiger and now NFL star, Justin Jefferson, will be the first NFL player to be featured on "Fortnite". Jefferson's touchdown celebration, the "Griddy", will also be added to the video game.

See the post on Twitter with information from @bleacherreport via @AdamSchefter below.

The former LSU Tiger gets quite the honor, being the first NFL player to become a character on the massive video game "Fortnite". His signature touchdown dance, the "Griddy", will also be featured on the game.

The Twitter post also includes that the creator of the dance has gotten compensated from the video game company in order to use his dance in the game.

Check out the Twitter post from @FOS with a video of what the character and dance will look like in the game.

Curious as to where the "Griddy" came from? ESPN 1420's Norman Locke did an interview with the creator of the dance, which you can check out below.

As fans of Justin Jefferson have done their best imitation of his touchdown dance many times in real life, they will soon be able to do that same dance virtually through the video game.

If you are unfamiliar with "Fortnite", players can use virtual currency, "V-Bucks", to purchase costumes, or "skins", for their character. They can also purchase dances, or "emotes" for their character to do in the game.

I have a feeling that this Justin Jefferson "skin" along with his dance being an "emote" in the game will be very popular amongst those that enjoy the game.

And how does @JJettas2 feel about it all? Well you can see his excitement via his Twitter post below.

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