Retired NBA player Carlos Boozer bought a mansion in Los Angeles, and agreed to let Prince rent the property. What ensued was a crazy story, which equates to normal when it comes to Prince.

When Boozer signed his deal with the Utah Jazz back in 2004-05, he bought a mansion in L.A. Because he was playing and staying in Utah, his agent was receiving many calls about people wanting to rent his mansion.

He kept turning down offers, until Prince agreed to pay him $95,000 a month to stay there for a year.

When he injured his hamstring, he needed to do some rehabilitation, so he flew to L.A. and called Prince to let him know he would be coming by his house.

That's when it got real weird. He couldn't even recognize that it was his house at first. There was a purple rug that went from the front gate to the door of his house. Then when he opened the door, Prince had pulled up his old carpet and replaced it with black and purple rugs. There were pictures of Prince in every room in the house.

His weight room was turned into a night club, including a DJ booth. One room became a massage room, a hair salon and a whole lot more.

When he called Prince to ask him what all of this was about, he couldn't get an answer. His lawyer told him if he wanted to sue him, he can draw up the paperwork. But, of course, who really wants to sue Prince.

He was finally able to get a hold of him while he was on tour in Asia. Prince ensured that everything would be put back to the way it was when the lease was up.

And so it was. When Boozer returned to his home after Prince's lease was up, it was like he was never there!

All of the stories that came out after Prince passed away are truly amazing, and I enjoy hearing every one of them.

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