This 55-year-old woman in Fort Lauderdale decided to walk across a drawbridge to take a picture of a breast cancer awareness walk going on, but what she did not know was that bridge was about to rise in order to let a boat pass beneath it.

The woman crossing the railroad bridge, Wanda McGowan, could be charged with trespassing and was eventually lowered to safety by Fire & Rescue Personnel. A city official says that woman was frightened, but not injured in the incident.

As the bridge started to rise, McGowan held onto the tracks as she was hoisted over 20-feet in the air. Witnesses, who used their cell phones to document this incident, say that it took rescuers nearly 20 minutes to rescue the woman form the bridge.

Reports indicate that there are several "No Trespassing" signs on the bridge, and some say that there is no way she could not have seen the signs prohibiting her from crossing the bridge.

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