In collaboration with the release of his new album Blonde, Frank Ocean released a limited edition, oversized art magazine, Boys Don’t Cry. However, Frank Ocean's mother, Katonya Breaux, just took to Twitter to send a message to her son’s fans.

"Don't pay those ridiculous prices for the mags on eBay," she wrote, "Just hang tight a sec...”

In conjunction with his Blonde release, Ocean opened four pop-up shops in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and London to distribute physical copies of the album and one free magazine (per person) with purchase of the album. The mag comes wrapped in a fancy silver packaging and reportedly features writing contributions from Kanye West, Nabil Elderkin, Viviane Sassen, Tom Sachs, Tyler, the Creator and others. Apparently, given its limited-edition nature, free copies have run out, and the price suddenly skyrocketed. People have reportedly been paying up to $500 for one.

But leave it to mom to scold you about unnecessary spending. Fans thanked Frank's mom for the heads up, and it looks like the magazine will be available again soon. There’s been no further word from Frank Ocean’s camp about the magazine seeing a new release, but if mom says it's so, that’s good news.

Meanwhile, the singer/songwriter recently took to Tumblr to thank his fans for their unwavering support and patience following the much-anticipated release of his projects this weekend.

“I had the time of my life making all of this. Thank you all,” he wrote in his letter. “Especially those of you who never let me forget I had to finish. Which is basically every one of ya’ll. Haha. Love You.”

Blonde, which is available at iTunes, and Boys Don’t Cry follows Ocean’s visual project Endless, which released Friday (Aug. 19).



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