By now we all know that the big game this weekend in college football is LSU and Alabama Saturday night. Well, one fraternity in Alabama is adding fuel to the SEC rivalry by hanging a sign that references Hurricane Katrina.

The sign hanging from a fraternity house seems to poke fun at Louisiana, and maybe even at Leonard Fournette, by referencing Hurricane Katrina. I need not explain what that natural disaster did to Louisiana ten years ago.

Let me remind you, in 2005, it was Hurricane Katrina that displaced the star running back for LSU, Leonard Fournette. At the age of 10-years-old, Fournette and his family lived on the interstate for a week as flood waters rose in New Orleans.

Not that LSU needed any more motivation for this game, but I hope that they see the tweet we are sharing with you. This sign is totally classless and totally uncalled for. These guys should be ashamed of themselves for resorting to such. But then again...

Hey Bama, thanks for the added motivation. Louisiana will thank you later this weekend!!!