A freelance writer tweeted a disgusting message immediately following the explosion in Manchester, England.

Whether it was a joke or not, David Leavitt went way too far when he Tweeted the following message.

Leavitt's message was not only very unprofessional, it was also very disgusting. While the number of fatalities continues to rise after an explosion at a pop concert in Manchester, this guy thought it would be "cute" to Tweet such an insensitive message.

Police were literally just responding to the scene in England when this Tweet was posted. Apparently he didn't give this decision much thought when he hit "Tweet."

According to Leavitt's page, he writes for CBS, Yahoo, Examiner, AXS, and more. Lets see what they have to say about this Tweet in the days ahead.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all that were in the arena Monday night.

Twitter via David Leavitt
Twitter via David Leavitt

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