This Pennsylvania couple wanted to let everyone know they were expecting. So, they did it the only way Philly knows how...The Fresh way!

Dayton and Melanie, better known as The Duncans on their now famous YouTube Video, wanted to come up with something untraditional when it came to revealing they were expecting, and according to CBS Philly they said:

"We decided on the video because we thought it would be something different then the traditional reveal pictures. It's a little more captivation, and we thought our family would enjoy it"

The Duncans have been together for seven years, and they both love the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air because they both grew up in the 90's.They told CBS Philly,

"We were having fun with it , hopefully everyone enjoys it"

They are expecting the baby in November 2014, and we cant wait for that video. : )

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