Yeah, I’d probably freak out if I heard this sound coming from my child’s play room. Imagine this mom in Britain’s surprise when she heard an inappropriate sound coming from her child’s toy room.  I’m sure she was scared of what she would find on her way into the room to investigate. I bet that walk (or run) down the hall was a bit of a panic.

To her surprise, she found the child’s Elsa doll (from the movie “Frozen”) was the culprit. The doll was apparently having a malfunction. Well, an X-Rated malfunction. (Insert giggle)

Elsa’s eyes were rolling and she was moving side to side while she made sounds similar to a moan of an intimate personal moment.  SAY WHAT?! No worries, mom. It’s just because the batteries were running low. Yes, the Elsa doll is made to speak and move, but when the batteries start to drain, this might happen. You gotta laugh, right?

The mom posted a TikTok video of the Elsa doll’s X-Rated moment with the comment "Batteries are going flat - or house is haunted."  My first thought to this mom would be to “LET IT GO”.

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