Hot 97 radio personality Funkmaster Flex isn't letting up on Jay Z, because in a new radio rant he called him everything -- from a commercial, corporate rapper to being out of touch with the culture.

This comes days after he accused Hov of stealing ideas from his app and using them for the Life + Times website. Plus, he's upset that Jay Z allegedly sent him an aggressive text message.

"My phone is getting called private, and I know 'cause whenever he does call me, he calls me private," Flex told listeners in his 17-minute long rant. "So it's cool, I'm alright with that. Makes sense. Then he texts me and spells his name in capital letters. Now some people said, 'Hey, maybe it was the phone that automatically capitalized it or something.' You should have lowercased it bro."

In between his bombs, Flex threw some direct insults, going at Jay Z's current state in hip-hop.

"Even though I have this respect, I have such respect, I'm not going to let somebody try to handle me, for the simple fact, in 2015 bro, I don't do the caps in the texts," he barked. "I don't work for you. I'm not a worker. I want you to understand what my opinion is of this in 2015. In 2015, you are a commercial, corporate rapper that drops a little catchphrase every three months."

The 47-year-old DJ also accused Jay of trying to "son" him in front of his team and sending people out to speak with him. Moreover, Flex said if any disses came his way, through song or interview, he would continuously blast the rapper on his radio show.

"It was nuts New York. People are coming up to me saying, 'Oh, did he call you?' Nah, I don't know, I don't care," Flex added. "What am I supposed to call him because you sent out a few of your friends to say hey, 'Did I call you?' This ain't like the corner. Who are you boss? You ain't boss, bro. You're a boss in your circle in your bubble."

Towards the end, he even threw J. Cole into the mix and accused Jay Z of not congratulating him on his successful new album, '2014 Forest Hills Drive.'

Check out the full rant below.

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