The other day while I was getting gas, I went inside in gas station to get a few snacks after I was finished. As I was walking back to my car I noticed someone waiting in line to get gas because all of the pumps were full. It got me thinking, should I move my vehicle once I'm done pumping gas if I'm going inside the store?

Normally I do move my car after getting gas if I'm going inside for anything. I've always figured it was just a good idea so I don't have to make anyone wait for gas while I'm inside. This particular day, for whatever reason I didn't move my car. Once I was inside I noticed three other customers who had done the same. Between all four of us, every pump was full and that's why there was someone waiting for a gas pump.

If you have to go inside to pay before you pump, then clearly you have to leave your car at the pump. However, if you pay at the pump, is it considered rude to leave your car?

Taking a quick look on the internet I found that some people consider it rude to leave your car at the pump, and others say it's also an inconvenience to have to move their car before going into the store.

Clearly the gas pump is not a parking spot, but do you think people should move their vehicles after getting gas? Or, does it matter depending on the situation? Meaning time of day, how many open pumps there are, things like that.

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