When Stetson Bennett was crying tears of joy as his Georgia Bulldogs team was becoming National Champions, the last thing on his mind was an interview on national television the following morning. After that bizarre interview caused some to raise their eyebrows, should Bennett have just done what Joe Burrow did on the morning following his National Championship victory?

Twitter via @GMA
Twitter via @GMA

Winning a championship in any sport on any level is something to be excited about. You’ve put in hours of work in order to reach that ultimate goal. You’ve sacrificed most other missions in order to focus on the task at hand. In the end, you’re payed off by being named the absolute best amongst your peers.

The National Champion of College Football is one of the most sought-after titles between players and fans alike. So undoubtedly, when the Georgia Bulldogs defeated Alabama in the National Championship - there was some celebrating to be done.

Not only were Georgia fans going absolutely ballistic over the program's first National Championship in 41 years, the Bulldog team also took the time to soak in the sweet taste of victory.

One person in particular had reason to celebrate and that was the MVP of the big game, Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett.

After a storied college career filled with ups and downs, Bennett led the Dawgs to a National Championship while playing a near-flawless game. Needless to say, the Georgia native is set-for-life after bringing a National Championship back to him home state following decades of desire.

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama
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Now, we don’t know exactly what Bennett did the night after the big game. But, we shared the story regarding the eyebrow-raising interview the Georgia QB did the morning after his victory and many were eager to share their thoughts.

Some folks online had their opinions about what may have went down in the hours leading up to a bizarre ‘Good Morning America’ appearance. See what the opinions from social media were below.


Many were in support of whatever kinds of celebrating the Georgia QB may have done in between winning the game and appearing on TV. What we do know is that Stetson Bennett only got a few hours of sleep before appearing on national tv. So, among other things, Bennett was definitely exhausted after playing a full football game and celebrating a massive victory.

Some suggested that Bennett, along with whoever else makes decisions about media appearances from the Georgia program, should not have went on national tv in the state that he did.

While I disagree with a sentiment from anyone that suggests Bennett should not have celebrated his victory in the manner that he did with an on-camera interview right around the corner, I could agree with the idea that the QB should have simply passed on 'Good Morning America' altogether.

Did Joe Burrow skip an on-camera interview following his National Championship win?

After all, that is exactly what Joe Burrow did after leading the LSU Tigers to a 2019 National Championship.

Yes, Joe Burrow purposefully skipped an early-morning on-camera interview with 'Wingo and Golic' after not sleeping following his epic championship performance where a significant celebration definitely followed. Burrow made it cleat that he did not want to look bad on camera, even though this very interview was being filmed. Whoops.

Should Stetson Bennet have skipped the interview like Joe Burrow did?

Maybe so. But if Bennet didn't do that 'Good Morning America' interview, we wouldn't be reliving Joe Burrow's epic Heisman season where he lead the Tigers to a National Championship.

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU
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Don't forget - Burrow will be making his return to the Superdome in 2022 when the Bengals travel to New Orleans to take on the Saints. The former LSU QB hasn't been on the Dome's turf since his six-touchdown National Championship performance, so there is certainly some good memories when Burrow gets back down to The Boot.

Joe Burrow
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See the full clip from Joe Burrow's interview following his National Championship victory via YouTube below.

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