If you are finding that people won't do something, should you offer them cash to do it? That's a question that has been answered by North Oaks Hospital in Hammond according to a report in the Advocate. The answer is yes.

This hospital is the first facility in the state to offer this type of incentive. Governor John Bel Edwards already has the "Shot At a Million" campaign. Other states have similar programs. The money comes from businesses in Tangipahoa Parish who are concerned about the low percentage of people in their parish who have been vaccinated. The rate for that parish is just over thirty percent. The statewide average is thirty-seven percent.

Two weeks ago, the hospital was only averaging about ten appointments per day for people who were wanting to get the vaccine. Now that the cash, program is in place, hospital officials say they are averaging 30 vaccinations per day.

According to the Advocate, North Oaks Hospital's chief medical officer, Dr. Robert Peltier, says that many people are what he labels as "the movable middle". He says that many people had not made their minds up yet about whether or not to take the shot. He says some in the middle, aren't being persuaded to do it, so why not pay them? And this method is working. For Saturday's vaccination event at the hospital, 500 people have now registered to be vaccinated against COVID.

Here's how it works. Once you have registered, you get $50 after your first shot, and you get your other $50 after the second shot. A spokeswoman for the hospital says the cash for vaccine program is extremely popular.

We would love to know what you think. Would you get the vaccine if you were given 100 bucks? Do you consider this a bribe?

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