Nope. Nope. Nope. Not the greeting this couple was looking for. Teouna Thomas and her husband moved to San Antonio from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and they got a huge surprise. A HUGE spider crawling up the outside of her patio door. Thomas said she heard her husband yell, “OMG what the heck is that?” According to, they knew they had to capture it because their puppy was outside trying to get it as well.

After Thomas’ husband caught the spider in a plastic container, I imagine they were so relieved. They live in an apartment complex so they immediately called the front office of the complex to notify them of the spider. They sent a worker to take it and she apparently released it back to the wild.

KSAT 12 reached out to the San Antonio Zoo to see if they could help identify the spider. The zoo experts told KSAT they believe it is a Texas Tan Tarantula, which is a common species in Texas. Apparently, they are harmless to humans. The zoo experts said right now is mating season.

The Texas Tan Tarantula is huge. They can grow up to four to six inches long. SIX inches long. That’s big, y’all.

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