It's understandable that we're all on high alert right now, but this is definitely one thing we don't need to worry about.

The word "coronavirus" is inescapable at the moment—and if there is anything that seems weird of feels out of order it seems to be the first place we go to explain it. This is exactly what happened throughout the week near Congress and Guilbeau.

I drove past it earlier this week, and admittedly, it did catch my attention but I just figured they were cleaning the water tower (that's what's underneath there) and didn't want debris flying all over the place being that there is a public park directly below it.

Hot 107.9 Staff Photo

What I didn't realize was that from other vantage points, the project looks way more haunting from a distance—especially in the context of the hysteria that we've all been immersed in over the last few days.

Just check out this post from my buddy Lane Mack.

Luckily, my engineer decided to pop in and speak to the company doing the work. G & L Tank is a sandblasting and coating company which lines. up with the cleaning and repairing theory so I think it's safe to say this structure is none of the following:

  1. A coronavirus quarantine location. (yes, someone suggested that)
  2. One of those structures that aliens hide under while developing the technology to take over earth.
  3. A baby Yoda statue. (again, someone actually suggested it and now I kinda see it)
Facebook, Lane Mack

Come to think of it, a baby Yoda statue would be amazing. Be safe out there!