The Old Course at St. Andrews Scotland, it's hallowed ground if you're a golfer. It's also the site of this year's Senior (British) Open. Among the more noteworthy holes on the course is the one referred to as The Road Hole.

The Road Hole is actually the 17th hole on the course and it's plenty hard without any additional help from Mother Nature. Well, as luck or lack of luck would have it, golfer Mark James discovered that the most difficult hole on the course can be made even harder by shooting a birdie.

As you can see from the video the "birdie" in question was a seagull and not the kind of birdies that golfers want to mark down on their scorecard. This birdie actually cost James a stroke or two since the impact with the bird caused his shot to bounce out of bounds. That is a penalty if you don't follow the rules of golf.

At least James has a good story he can tell about the time he hit a birdie and scored a triple bogey on the infamous Road Hole at St. Andrews. Since at least one of you is bound to ask, we don't know the status of the seagull. My guess is he's not in the best of shape.

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