Google's Android market pulled their controversial app for Android's smartphones that purported to assist mothers in determining if their son(s) were gay. The app was pulled from the market Monday after a "tidal wave" of outrage labeled the app as homophobic and prejudice towards the gay community.According to the app’s webpage, “After this test, you’ll have the proven answer to a question you might have since maybe a long time.” The app consisted of 20 questions “to know more about your son.” It then offered one of three results” “gay, “normal and modern” or “not gay” — the last option assured mothers they ‘did not have to worry’ because they would have grandchildren.

Christophe de Baran, who is openly gay, is the creator of the app & tells Rue89 Magazine that the purpose of the app had been “designed with a playful approach.”

Several openly gay celebrities have come out to openly oppose this app. Many felt that the questions asked on this app were stereotyping gay men, and that the app was taking a cheap shot at their gay community.