As Hurricane Isaac continues to sweep across the state of Louisiana government officials on all levels are reminding citizens to take this storm serious. We have already received reports of people stranded in Plaquemines Parish as water breached the levee system due to the storm surge.Lafayette City Parish Parish President Joey Durel has not yet issued a curfew for the parish, but he is asking for all the citizens in the parish to avoid getting on the roads today as the storm approaches. Under only extreme conditions should you get on the roads.

Durel issued the following statement on his Facebook page: Lafayette is currently expected to receive moderate impact from Hurricane Isaac. Highest wind speeds should occur around 6:00pm today, when top sustained winds could reach 60mph with gust near 73mph. Winds should decrease below storm force 7 hours later. Total rainfall for the Lafayette area is projected to be 10.1 inches, but can vary significantly as tropical storm and hurricane rainfall is very difficult to predict. So, you have some time today to take another look around the house for items that could fly into windows. Please don't get on the roads unnecessarily.

Governor Bobby Jindal continues to remind us that this storm should NOT be taken lightly. He, along with officials at all levels, continues to remind the citizens of Louisiana that we should prepare for power outages and flooding in several parts of the state. KATC-TV 3 Meteorologist Dave Baker says that the stronger storms in Isaac should remain to the east of Acadiana, yet if you live a flood prone area you should prepare for some localized flooding.

The Louisiana State Police have released the following statement via facebook: As the eye of the storm passes over your area, please stay off the roadways. The wind and rain will increase rapidly after the eye has passed and emergency responders efforts will be hindered by the weather and possible roadway obstructions.

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