* (Hot 1079 does not condone the actions in this video. Please use common sense and do not follow this woman's lead when it comes to disciplining children)

Wow! This grandma doesn't play!

When you think of a grandma, you think a sweet old lady that makes apple pies and gives you a dollar, just because.

Well, not this grandma.

As you can see in the video they're riding in a car. The grandson gets flip and is acting up in the backseat of the car. Well, his grandma that was sitting in the front seat was having none of it!

She started yelling at the little boy, but he wasn't listening to her and even started laughing at her. That was a big mistake on the grandson's part. This grandma wasn't in a good mood.

So, she reached into her purse and pulled out a huge pocket knife. She then started to yell at him and threatened to stab him. You can see the fear in the little kids face. In that moment he knew he messed up.


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