This is GOLD! This grandma's reaction to the 'Anaconda' video is priceless!

What is better than to see your grandma's reaction to a Nicki Minaj video?

The guy in the video is Kevin Droniak he is only 17-years-old and is now a YouTube sensation. It's all with the help of his grandmother in this hilarious video, where he shows her the new Nicki Minaj video of 'Anaconda.'

It starts of with Kevin asking his grandma to come check out something really cool and graphic. When she sits down he asks her if she is into porn. She replies, "No, what would I wanna watch porn for?"

By the reaction of the series of questions Kevin gives her, she seems to like the video. She also says she would never dress like that back-in-the-day, and that girls that dress like that are only looking for trouble.

She even says that Nicki Minaj has a nice butt!! LOL!! This video is perfect in every way and a must-watch!