We may have seen the season finale of Jersey Shore, but we might be seeing more of DJ Pauly D. Britney Spears needs an opening act for her upcoming tour and the rumor mill, headed up by Perez Hilton, is saying that the guido celebrity DJ might be the replacement for Enrique Iglesias, who abruptly pulled out of the tour with Brit Brit almost as soon as she announced it.

According to Perez:

Now that Enrique Iglesias has dropped out of his co-headlining tour with Britney Spears this summer, we're hearing that he may be replaced by none other than Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D, who shares the same manager as the pop star, Larry Rudolph! Sources claim that it's unlikely that he'll hitch along for the entirety of the tour, because he'll be filming the fourth season of Jersey Shore in Italy next month, but we think this may actually work out better!



It's also rumored that Christina Aguilera has been on Brit's radar to hit the road for the big tour, but between botching our National Anthem at this year's Super Bowl, a Grammy stumble and her recent arrest she hasn't been what many would call a "lucky charm."

In case anyone is wondering, how skilled is Pauly D behind the turntables .... the term "average-at-best" is a perfect description. Now, I know .. I know .... you may think that I'm just "hatin'" because I'm a DJ myself and it may seem that I'm just "jealous" of his opportunity. Not the case at all. Being a working DJ I know what talent is out there. DJs like the late DJ AM, the magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff, Tiesto and many others have put in work for years and years earning nice salaries based on their skills and experience and most importantly the respect that makes them a draw. Pauly D is not a DJ that is worth his $20,000 a night price tag. (and that price is for a 1-2 hour DJ set) Is he a celebrity worth the 20k for an appearance ?? .. yes indeed... the show is hot, the guy is popular ...  but does that mean he can piggy back that reality fame with his hobby to justify himself as a DJ with the skills and experience to match his fee?? Not so much.

Sorry Pauly. You're a funny guy on the show, and you're hair is way cool ... but the video below speaks for itself.

(for reference here is the routine that Pauly was trying to bite from the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff .. ironically alongside the late great DJ AM at the House Of Blues in New Orleans)

Get it while you can Pauly !!

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