If you plan on being a robber, just know that one day one of your intended victims just might be a mixed martial-arts expert. When Anthony Miranda, 24, decided that he would lead a life of crime, he certainly didn't have a contingency plan in place for the day he would hold up a 33-year-old MMA expert.

Police say the victim was sitting in his car when Miranda came up the car and asked him for a light. The man replied that he didn't have a light, and at that point Miranda pulled out a handgun and demanded the victim's valuables. After he handed over his wallet, cash and valuables, Miranda then ordered him to get out of the car.

What he didn't know, is that he had just made a HUGE mistake.

At some point, the older man was able to grab hold of the handgun, and during a struggle, the robber discharged a round, striking himself in the ankle. The victim was able to hold the robber until police arrived. When he turned the robber over to police, the victim told them that he participates in Ultimate Fighting Championships, a mixed-martial arts competition.

[via Fox8]

After he was treated for his gunshot wounds, bruises and other injuries, Miranda appeared in Cook County Bond Court and ordered held in lieu of $350,000 bail. He was on parole at the time of the incident for several 2007 residential burglary cases for which he was sentenced to six years in prison. He was released in March 2010.

I don't think he'll be accidentally getting his ass kicked by any MMA fighters for trying to rob them anytime soon. :)