All Hallow's Eve. A night for mischief and merrymaking and getting lots and lots of candy. Y'all I am so old I remember when Halloween was fun and inexpensive. We made our costumes at home. We made our treats at home. We walked, not rode, around our neighborhood and we thought we were the kings of the world or maybe the underworld depending on the costume you created.

Halloween is not like that anymore. There is still some childhood innocence for the tee-tiniest Trick-or-Treater but for the most part, Halloween has grown from a kid's night of fun to a night of debauchery by adults.

Of course one of the key components of the Halloween experience is the costume. They have certainly changed throughout the years. Back in the olden days, when I was a kid, you'd be a ghost or a hobo or a vampire and those, with very little exception, were your choices.

Today's Halloween enthusiast embodies the Urban Dictionary definition of Trendwhore. In fact, so many costumes these days leave the "trend" part out and go straight to, you know, a guest on Maury Povich Show.

Don't believe my jaded, cynical, and antiquated view on the Halloween scene? Well, take a look at how costumes have changed over time.

11 of The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of the Last 50 Years


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