Halloween is here! Yay! Even if  you don't like to dress up, or eat candy, or go to parties, it's still a fun time of year. The American Academy of Pediatrics, who know a thing or two about kids, have some really great Halloween Safety tips for everyone, not just parents.

They have a comprehensive list of safety measures, which includes:

  • Pumpkin Carving Safety,
  • Costume tips for trick or treating in the dark
  • How to keep your home safe for little goblins looking for treats
  • How to have a healthy Halloween, despite all the candy
  • Carry a cell phone during the celebrations
  • Teaching kids how to dial 911 in case of emergency
  • Stay in groups, and don't wander off during the festivities
  • Wait till kids are home and treats can be checked, before eating

These are just a few of the smart ways to make sure Halloween is safe and fun for your family. My own personal tips are just be smart, and use common sense. Don't give a serrated knife to a toddler to carve the pumpkin. Don't have a costume that's too big for your little ones, so that they trip. And be sure to eat something before the Trick or Treating begins! Happy Halloween, y'all!

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