Halsey revealed why she's decided to keep her relationship with Evan Peters private.

The "You Should Be Sad" singer, who just dropped her new album Manic last week, opened up about her new romance with the American Horror Story star in a new interview with The Sun. Though the couple only started dating this summer, things seem to be moving very quickly amid reports the two have already moved in together.

However, Halsey has made it clear that her boyfriend is not a topic she wants to discuss.

"A friend of mine – another female artist who has been criticized for dating a lot of people – said, 'Ashley, you need to live your f---ing life and ignore what people say about you.' And so now I keep everything to myself in terms of my romantic relationships," Halsey told the U.K. newspaper.

Though she didn't name her "female artist" friend, it might be safe to assume she's referring to Taylor Swift, who has been publicly shamed for dating a lot of people in the past. In recent years though, she, too, has kept her relationship with Joe Alwyn as far away from the spotlight as possible and she seems happier than ever.

"I will say that it’s good to not date another musician as then your work follows you everywhere," Halsey added. "Now it’s my personal life so I get to go home to somebody that I love and spend time with them, and it not be about work."

The pop star previously dated G-Eazy and Yungblud, who were both musicians.

Halsey confirmed she was dating the actor during an interview on Ellen in October 2019 after Ellen DeGeneres asked about their Halloween celebration. This led to an epic scare prank that involved a Peters look-alike. "I don’t know what’s scarier though, having to talk about my boyfriend on TV or having that happen," Halsey said at the time.

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