In honor of Mothers Day here is a motherlode of Mothers Day facts!

Where did Mothers Day come from anyways? I've never even thought to ask myself that question and I'm pretty sure I never learned about it at school, but now that I'm thinking about it it does seem like a pretty important part of history, right? To me, Mothers Day is a day to celebrate your love for your mom and show your appreciation for all of the hard work your mom does day after day. Is Mothers Day celebrated in other countries and cultures? Seriously, why don't I know this!

I feel like I've opened a can of worms, because now I can't stop thinking about all the things I don't know about Mothers Day! But, lucky for me, and you if you're interested, BuzzFeed has answered all of our Mothers Day questions. From where Mothers Day came from to how much money is spent on Mothers Day cards, they've got it covered.

Whether you're a mother or a mother lover (not in the Justin Timberlake/Andy Samburg way -- ps that video is super NSFW) I hope you have a great Mothers Day and enjoy these fun Mothers Day facts!

[via BuzzFeedVideo ]



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