Hailey Welch, famously known as “Hawk Tuah Girl,” finally broke her silence in her first in-depth interview since her unexpected rise to internet stardom. The 21-year-old, who became a viral sensation after a candid street interview in Nashville, opened up about her whirlwind of the past few weeks on the “Plan Bri Uncut” podcast hosted by Brianna LaPaglia.

Welch, who hails from the small town of Belfast, Tennessee, and worked at a spring factory, found herself thrust into the spotlight after her humorous and risqué response in a street interview.

The clip, where she explained a favorite bedroom technique in her distinct Southern drawl, quickly captured the internet's attention.

In her sit-down with LaPaglia, Welch squashed some common misconceptions. Contrary to internet rumors, she clarified that she is not a teacher and that her father is not a preacher. "My dad is the farthest thing from a preacher," she laughed.

Welch revealed her shock upon discovering her newfound fame. "I nearly s–t a brick when I saw the video going viral," she admitted. Having deleted her social media accounts long before the video surfaced, she was unprepared for the sudden attention. Despite the initial surprise, Welch has since embraced her viral status, turning her catchphrase into a lucrative business. She has already sold tens of thousands of dollars worth of branded merchandise and now has a management and video team following her every move.

Reflecting on the night that changed her life, Welch shared how a spontaneous street interview after the CMA Fest music festival in Nashville led to her viral moment. "Next thing I know, there’s a microphone in my face," she recalled. Known for her extroverted personality, Welch laughed, "I could talk to a brick wall if you really let me."

In addition to her rapid rise to fame, Welch has also encountered some bizarre requests. One of the strangest offers she received was from someone willing to pay $600 for her to spit in a jar. "That is revolting!" she exclaimed. Despite considering the offer for a moment, Welch ultimately decided against it.

Of course, one of the most common responses from Welch's haters has been, "Oh, I bet her parents are proud."

Contrary to popular belief, Welch’s parents have actually taken her newfound fame in stride, finding humor in the situation. "They know how I am though. Because you can never tell what comes out of my mouth," she said, adding that her parents find the whole thing “so funny.”

Looking ahead, Welch has big plans to ensure she isn’t just remembered as the “Hawk Tuah Girl.” She hinted at future projects, including a potential show and more podcast appearances. "There’s more to come, don’t worry," she assured her fans.

For now, Hailey Welch seems to be riding the wave of her viral fame, turning a spontaneous moment after a night out of partying into an overnight change in life, with potential for much more success.

Her candidness and humor keep audiences drawn in, proving that sometimes, the most unexpected moments can lead to extraordinary opportunities.

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