The overnight internet sensation known as the "Hawk Tuah Girl" has been found and identified by her first name, Hailey, and she's making the most of her sudden fame. Hailey, whose cheeky response in a street interview went viral, is now selling autographed merchandise, including hats, through the Fathead Threads Facebook page.

Photos posted on the Fathead Threads page show Hailey signing hats and other items, confirming her identity and her intent to profit from her newfound popularity.

The hats are priced at $40 for autographed versions and $30 for unsigned ones. Comments on the page reveal a mix of support, criticism, and a fair share of inappropriate remarks.

Capitalizing on Her Viral Fame

Hailey's collaboration with Fathead Threads ensures she receives a portion of the profits from the hat sales. The recently announced move has sparked a mixed bag of reactions online.

Comments on the post range from supportive to critical. JC Medellín humorously remarked, "I need her to spit on my hat if I buy one," while Jerry Creech hailed her as a "Real American Hero. Today we celebrate you, Miss Hawk Tuah."

Casady Johnson criticized, saying, "She shouldn't get all the proceeds; she's not the first woman to ever hawk tuah and spit on those thangs. Representing for all the women out here who are owed royalties." Margie Ables sarcastically commented, "I bet her daddy is so proud of her," contrasting with Steve Lamarche who praised her, stating, "She's awesome! Her laugh at the end says it all."

Kendrick Lee offered, "Ms. Hawk Tuah needs to gone let me get her hair done and get her some new shoes," while Jon Randolph expressed skepticism, "I'm not convinced this is her." Vance Duke inquired, "How much to spit on it?" and John Holicky critiqued, "Is this what our country is coming to? Someone hawk tuah on something? We have bigger issues in this country."

Devin King noted her overnight fame, "And just like that, she's in the big times," while Gregg Lawson commented, "She seems like a good person. This is a cause I could get behind." James Christiansson added, "This chick is awesome! Deserves praise for authenticity and not being scared to be real. Hope she does benefit," and Steve Sanders Jr. concluded, "I wasn’t gonna buy one, but I will now if you’re paying her extra to sign them."

Why is This Even Viral?

Hailey's rise to fame began with a viral video in which she gave a cheeky answer to a question about bedroom moves. Her Southern accent and candid response resonated with viewers, making her an overnight sensation. Now, she's leveraging that fame, much to the delight (and chagrin) of the millions who have seen her videos online.

Love it or hate it, the "Hawk Tuah" trend continues to dominate social media, and Hailey's definitely doing her best to turn a viral moment into a business opportunity. Whether celebrated or criticized, her story is further proof that the unpredictable nature of internet fame remains undefeated.

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