With a history of outlandish and intricate costumes, Heidi Klum has long owned the title the Queen of Halloween. Her look this year was probably the most understated ever, but it was nonetheless shocking.

For her famous Halloween bash in New York City last night (Oct. 31), the 40-year-old 'Project Runway' host aged herself to the point of being unrecognizable, getting gussied up as an elderly woman, wrinkles, liver spots and all. Even as an old lady, however, Heidi was dressed to impress in a classic, designer-looking skirt suit and handbag. Not to mention her cane, which was fashionably black for the evening.

Earlier in the day, she teased the amazing transformation on her Instagram, writing "here I go into the future" with one before pic, then showing makeup artists Bill Corso and Mike Marino doing their magic:

The amount of detail that went into her costume is astounding. She posted this closeup of her eye with the caption, "Getting there ......"

Even Heidi herself only had a "Wow" for this pic of her amazingly aged legs:

Time to get the party started -- fully committed to her costume, she even arrived in a vintage ride.

Mike Coppola, Getty Images

Any guesses as to who's wearing the most makeup in this photo? (Spoiler: It's Heidi.)

Cindy Ord, Getty Images

Heidi owns Halloween again, knows it, bumps Questlove in celebration.

Mike Coppola, Getty Images

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Watch Heidi's arrival at her Halloween bash