Another high school football player may be in trouble after he was caught on camera shoving a referee during a game last weekend.

A player for St. Anthony High School apparently did not like what he heard coming from an official during a game last Saturday, so he walked up the ref and pushed him.

The player's teammates quickly stepped-in and prevented the altercation from escalating, but not before several flags were thrown by other officials. There's no word on what discipline this kid may face, but a suspension from school and the team may not be severe enough.

We have seen altercations between players and officials more than we have liked this year, and its time someone sets a precedent here. There is no reason for this type behavior at any level in sports, much less high school.

Shame on these players for being so aggressive towards officials in recent weeks. But then again, is this the world we live in now? Where no one respects authority.


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