This was a wild scene in Lafayette.

A video of a wild police chase through Lafayette has made it onto social media and we are just glad no one was injured after a car ended up in the median.

The video shows a subject ditching his car off of Hwy 90 near the airport and then running from police.

Brandon Bahlawan
Brandon Bahlawan

As Lafayette Police close in on the guy, he runs away, while holding up his pants, and that is when the K9 officer releases the dog.

The subject outruns the dog and then runs into an apartment complex.

What we don't know is if the dog was called-off on the chase or if it was even commanded to apprehend the subject who was on the run.

At this point, we don't know where the subject went or if the police caught up to the guy.

We will follow this story and if there are any additional updates to this story, we will share more here.

UPDATE from Lafayette Police:

At around 2:27 pm Lafayette Police Department were able to take into custody, Leroy Sampy 42, of Lafayette, LA. Mr. Sampy had active warrants for second-degree rape of a juvenile and aggravated battery.

Mr. Sampy attempted to evade police but was later apprehended in 2500 block of SE Evangeline Thruway and later transported to Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

Check out the video from a wild scene today in Lafayette. [EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]


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