Did you catch this moment?

Watch as a few LSU players celebrate a touchdown during the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl in Orlando.

Rather than just celebrating the more traditional way(s), the players elected to jump on one of the couches Cheez-It set up near the endzone.

Not only did the LSU players jump on the huge couch after the TD, but so too did the Cheez-It mascot.

Cheez-It Citrus Bowl - LSU v Purdue
Getty Images

As an LSU coach directed players to get off the couch, all but one did. And the reason why one LSU player had trouble getting off of the couch is because he was stuck UNDER the mascot.

The hilarious moment was all caught on camera by Baton Rouge sports reporter, Jacques Doucet.

Check out these players enjoying their time in Orlando as they destroyed Purdue in the bowl game.

And be sure to keep your eye on the mascot in the video below.

Another entertaining moment caught on camera in Orlando was when the LSU players dumped Cheez-It chips on Coach Kelly, and he ate a few from the ground.

Check this out.


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