In just over 4 months, Halloween will be here. However, many will be celebrating on September 30th when Hocus Pocus 2 starts streaming on Disney+.

Get ready, sisters! Disney has released the teaser trailer for the sequel to the beloved Halloween favorite Hocus Pocus.

Nearly 30 years after the original release, the Sanderson Sisters have returned to wreak havoc on a fresh batch of teenagers during Halloween. Bette Midler, Kathy Najimi, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all returned to their iconic roles of the baddest witches on the block.

The 1-minute and 21-second trailer show three teenagers accidentally bringing the Sanderson sisters back to modern-day Salem, and they must stop the kid-hungry witches from taking over the city. Hijinx is sure to follow, just like the 1993 original that so many people love and adore.

Disney is classifying this trailer as a teaser, so I am sure the full-length trailer will be released in the next few weeks/months. Even though it was a short trailer, I think we got what we wanted so far. Many people have been waiting so many years for this movie, including myself, so the teaser is satisfying.

Check out the official teaser trailer for Hocus Pocus 2 below:

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