"Bunchems" is one of the hot Christmas toys this year. Bunchems is box of little plastic balls that kids can make all sorts of different shapes and animals with. It seems to be a great toy for kick starting little creative minds. However, these little spur-like balls are finding their way into kid's hair, and it's apparently extremely difficult to get them out.

Sure, we'd all like to think our kids are smart enough to not plop these things into their hair, but we're talking about kids. Even the sharpest of little Einsteins are going to let curiosity get the best of them, no matter how many times we warn them not to do this.


Reviews on this toy are pretty polarizing as you can see below in these Amazon.com product reviews. One parent makes a great point saying "Gum can easily get caught in hair, but that's not what it's meant for".




What do you think about this situation? Have you had any experiences with Bunchems like these parents? Is it just a whole bunch of ridiculousness?