Reports say that three people were killed after a house exploded in Indiana. Video shows the moment when the home explosion broke the silence across this quiet southern Indiana city.

It was a normal Wednesday afternoon in Evansville, Indiana...


That is until the most unusual occurrence broke the silence across this southern Indiana neighborhood. The roof of a house was blown off into the sky and caused massive destruction to many surrounding homes.

Twitter via @NewsJunkieBreak
Twitter via @NewsJunkieBreak

According to The Associated Press, the Evansville Fire Department has stated that 39 houses were damaged in the blast that occurred on Wednesday afternoon. The report goes on to say that as many as eleven of those homes are uninhabitable as a result of the explosion.

Three people died due to the explosion and at least one other person was injured. The injured person was reportedly transported to a local hospital for treatment.

At this time, the report says that officials have not yet determined the cause of the blast.

The aftermath of the blast is absolutely devastating, with rubble and other debris scattering across the Evansville neighborhood. See some of that aftermath below via video from Twitter.

Aerial footage of the aftermath provided by @CBSEveningNews can be found on Twitter below.

The investigation reportedly continues into what caused this devastating explosion.

See details provided by @AP on Twitter below.

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