Hozier is a singer-songwriter from Ireland with a smash hit, 'Take Me To Church'—but how do you correctly pronounce his name?

Andrew Hozier-Byrne is getting a lot of airplay, which means a lot of DJs are having to say his name on the radio—including us here at Hot 107.9. Recently, a listener called and told me we were pronouncing his name wrong.

I remember checking out an interview with Hozier (that's usually how we figure out how to pronounce new artist names) and he wasn't really specific on how to pronounce his name, so I decided to roll with the pronunciation that sounded like "hose-yur."

When the listener called and told us she wanted us to pronounce it "ho-zee-er" (like cozier—which is also correct, according to Hozier) it made me wonder how many other people were confused when it came to pronouncing his name.

There's no better way to hear it than to hear it from the man himself—even though he says he really doesn't care how we pronounce his name, just as long as he is relevant.

Which pronunciation do you prefer?

[via YouTube]