A new study confirms that women are checking their reflections in mirrors (or any reflective surface, for that matter) around eight times per day. The more shocking result of the study is that they don’t enjoy doing so.

A study conducted by the UK’s Simple Skincare company polled 2,000 British women about their mirror habits on a daily basis. Fifty percent of the women won’t leave the house without a mirror, while 10 percent confirmed that they whip out their compact to take a look-see at least 10 times a day.

But the women weren’t simply admiring their visages. They were touching up makeup or their hair, actions for which a mirror or reflective surface is necessary.

While constant checking of their looks might seem vain or self-indulgent, further results indicate it’s actually not something that makes women feel good about themselves nor does it boost their confidence.

Seventy-five percent claimed to “hate” looking in the mirror, with 39 percent admitting that doing so made them feel negative about themselves.

The mirror-checking survey indicates that women spend a good chunk of time on their appearance, even if they don’t particularly like doing so.

Social pressures are seen as the reason women constantly look at themselves. “There is so much more attention on how women look compared with how men look, and women who constantly check their appearance are more likely to be self-conscious than vain,” Dr. Christine Bundy, a senior lecturer in health and medical psychology at the University of Manchester, said.

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