Here are the HOTTEST Mardi Gras shirts for the Lafayette Mardi Gras celebrations. So, how do you score one of these from HOT 107.9 during the Independent Parade?

To catch my attention, you need to make your "HOT 107.9" signs today. Have them ready and when I see a HOT 107.9 sign, I will do my best to get a shirt to you, while supplies last.

Get creative have fun with your signs, but make sure we see them. May I suggest that you put the following on your signs: "HOT 107.9!!!" "#TeamBreakfastJam" "Chris Reed Hook Me Up!!" 

Being on a float is so much fun, but from above, everyone looks the same. Thus, that's why you NEED to make your sign---To stick out amongst the rest.

I want our loyal listeners to get these shirts so I will be looking for the signs next Tuesday in the Independent Parade.

Happy Mardi Gras and I hope to see you Mardi Gras day along the parade route.