This Thanksgiving you might be looking for a new recipe to spice things up, or you might be looking for a cool new way to impress your guests. Whatever your reason for thinking outside the Thanksgiving box, we've got an idea.

Invisible Pumpkin Pie.

OK, so it's not actually INVISIBLE...but it's clear. Like, REALLY clear. You can see in the videos that this pie looks like glass. But as the videos describe, the pie tastes just like pumpkin pie.

Now there are TWO different ways to make this kind of pumpkin pie. The first one takes some special equipment, and a lot more time. But the long version is supposed to taste identical to pumpkin pie, while the second version tastes like a "pumpkin spice" pie, but is still a pumpkin flavor that people will love.

Here's the first, LONG recipe that involves some extra equipment:

Here's the second, quicker version. This one involves a special Pumpkin Spice syrup that is linked in the video description on Youtube:


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