How fun does this look to make? Not sure how tipsy it will get you but it sure looks good!

I follow Tipsy Bartender on Facebook/YouTube simply because he comes up with some of the best creations with alcohol. This is obviously for people that are 21 and up! But, if you leave out the booze you can make this for the kiddos too.

Lets get to it - all you need is :

  1. Large can of refrigerated biscuits
  2. Vegetable oil for frying
  3. Rum Chata
  4. Honey Bourbon whiskey
  5. Powdered sugar
  6. Heavy cream
  7. Dark chocolate chips

For the exact amounts you have to go to the web site for the exact recipe by CLICKING HERE. Or just watch the video above and check out the recipe right below the video.

Have fun making this and if you do make it, tell us how it comes out! Comment below!

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