No bottle opener? No problem. Here's eleven ways to open a bottle with things from your purse.

Sometimes you find yourself with a bottle of beer in one hand and now way to open it in the other. I mean, not all of us carry a bottle opener key chain on our keys and that's ok, because you can use almost anything you'd find in your purse to open a bottle! And I'm not saying that every bottle you find yourself needing to open is a bottle of beer, but in my life it usually is.

I barely use the things in my purse for what they are actually meant for, so at least now I have a good reason to keep them around! Like my EOS chap stick, there's barely any chap stick left in it and I thought it was just wasting space in my purse, but now that I know this fun bottle trick it will totally be hanging out in there for a while. Oh and using an eyelash curler as a bottle opener? Genius! I don't normally carry an eyelash curler with me, because I feel like I'll seem high maintenance if I keep one in my purse, but now I have a great excuse! I'll be the coolest person wherever I am if I save the day by opening everyone's beer with my eyelash curler.

Seriously, I might got out and buy a bigger purse just so I can fill it with fun things that secretly double as a bottle opener.

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