I've always heard people say that "ignorance is bliss" but I think I can now say I truly understand the expression.

If you were an 80s baby or a child of the 90s, chances are you had a "home computer." I'm not talking about a personal laptop or a mobile device that you could call your own. I'm talking about that huge clunky machine that had a dedicated desk area in your home where every member of your family shared less than 500MB of hard drive space.

I can almost hear the screech of the dot matrix printer as I reminisce on the days of the Packard Bell and Gateway PCs that connected me and my family to the digital age.

In the days where the internet was paid "by the hour," we spent most of our time offline, which means we were often relegated to the games and programs we had on our computers.

For my Windows 95 era folks, we pretty much had Solitaire, MS Paint, and if you were REALLY bored, you opened up Minesweeper—but who really knew how to play that game anyway? Most of us (it's me, I am "us") would just click around until the bomb blew up the game.

Well, one woman on TikTok went viral after she explained how to actually play the game.

While you would think this video would be an "a-ha" moment for our inner middle school child—instead, her video sparked a ton of hilarious reactions.

While the instructions on how to play have always been available, someone brought up a good point that it was pre-Google so we just went with what felt right.

Someone else pointed out that it wasn't serious enough to even look up the instructions in the first place.

Most people were just disappointed to find out that the game had an actual strategy.

Even with the explaination, some people are refusing to let actual instructions ruin their random fun of playing Minesweeper.

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