Although residents in South Louisiana definitely don't require it, many have questioned the lack of national media coverage when it comes to the disastrous flooding in Louisiana.

A Huffington Post writer by the name of Skye Cooley is going viral for a story he wrote on the "consequence of real community" that south Louisiana is facing.

With well over 6,000 shares in less than two days, Cooley touched on many great points, but his biggest may be the fact that Louisianians are being ignored and left to "fend for themselves.... simply because they can."

The tragedy is that strong, loving, cohesive communities, because of their strength and resilience, cannot be celebrated and assisted at the same time. That in order to be worthy of attention the very fabric of societal order has to have been sheered away; news media requires scenes that look like a zombie apocalypse, not scores of hometown heroes trying their best to rescue one another.

We had the chance to speak with Cooley inside the Morning Buzz, and he echoed what he wrote in his viral article, and then some.

Do you agree with him? Check out his story above, and the interview below.

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