Former WWE superstar Hulk Hogan is doing his best to dig himself out of hole. The once prized superstar was caught on camera using racial slurs in 2006, and now the WWE wants nothing to do with him.

The Hulkster sat down with Good Morning America and explained what he was going through at the time he used the slur. The WWE hall of famer says he was depressed when he used the offensive term and that his life was in shambles. Still, it is no excuse for his language.

Hogan says he was lost and that at times he even contemplated suicide. Still, he does not deny using the offensive term and says that he is extremely embarrassed by his actions.

Many of Hogan's friends, who are black, have sense come forth and taken his side. Former WWE stars like Kamala say that Hogan was always very helpful and supportive of them. And not a racist.

Since the tape was exposed of Hogan using a racial slur, WWE has cut all times with the former superstar. The company even removed them from their reality show called "Tough Enough."