Her name is Molly Schuyler, she is a mother of 4 kids and hails from Nebraska. Molly just broke the world record of eating a 72oz steak, by eating it in less then 3 minutes. The best part is she only weighs in at 120lbs. This might seem impossible, until you watch the video. I would've never believed it. EVER!!

By the way, the previous record of eating a 72oz steak was just over 6 minutes by a 300lb body builder. I guess it helps that Molly is a competitive eater, and just last week she ate a 12lb sandwich. When the reporter asked how did you know you could eat so much?  Molly said "I used to battle all my brother and sisters at the buffet." Wow! How mad was the owner when they would see her walk in? LOL!!!

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