Hurricane Ida has been so devastating, the name will now be officially retired. After seeing this video of Ida viciously tearing through Port Fourchon, we couldn't support that decision more.

Hurricane Ida Landfall

Hurricane Ida made landfall at 11:55 p.m. CST as an incredibly deadly Category 4 storm, churning like a buzz saw with 145 mph winds in Port Fourchon.

Residents along South East Louisiana were warned of "catastrophic storm surge" from Hurricane Ida, and seeing this video, that description was unfortunately accurate.



ABC News tweeted this video saying -

"SOUND OF FURY: Powerful winds and sheets of rain brought by Hurricane Ida lash a dock in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, as the extremely dangerous Category 4 storm continues to move inland."

Watching this video, it seems like a sped-up time-lapse, but it's not. It's real-time, and it's chilling.


ABC News Via Twitter
Hurricane Ida Landfall


If you were lucky to be spared from the wrath of Hurricane Ida, this video shows you just how lucky you really are.

Video Hurricane Ida Port Fourchon


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