In case you were wondering, the hopeful water park turned eyesore on interstate 10 is still standing.

As many of us in south Louisiana pick up the pieces left behind by Hurricane Delta, users on social media were upset to see one thing was still standing.

In the comments of the photo posted by Nicole Lopez, someone shared a similar post by Seth Touchet that has already been shared over 200 times.

Clearly, folks are upset that the eyesore on I-10 is still here while we have suffered damage and destruction elsewhere in the multiple storms that have hit our area recently.

Facebook, Nicole Lopez

The infamous water park, located off of I-10 in Iowa, is impossible to miss if you're traveling between the Lafayette and Lake Charles area. As far as the story goes, it's a long one, and hopefully, this nice recap via SecretStrata on Reddit will get you caught up.


Cue up the Elton John, because for now, the Little Kahuna is still standing.