Lafayette native Jay Schuitemaker found herself at the center of an unexpected birthday celebration, courtesy of her husband Andrew, who couldn't be home for her special day for the first time in their nearly five years together.

Andrew, who is in the military and frequently travels for work, wanted to ensure Jay felt the love despite his absence—especially since she carries the bulk of the load in raising their 3-year-old daughter, making it possible for him to work and support their family.

Seizing an opportunity mid-flight, he enlisted the help of a pretty amazing flight attendant to orchestrate a surprise onboard celebration for his sweet Jay.

Andrew rose from his seat as the aircraft cruised at 30,000 feet, declaring his love for Jay to the entire cabin. With the flight attendant's assistance, he rallied passengers to sing "Happy Birthday," turning the plane into an impromptu surprise party venue.

Jay, initially disheartened by Andrew's absence, was overwhelmed with joy as she watched the video and witnessed the unexpected outpouring of love from strangers high above the clouds. She later took to social media to share a video of the heartwarming moment, expressing gratitude for her husband's thoughtful gesture.

Andrew's spontaneous act of love not only made Jay's birthday one that she'll never forget but also reminded us that simple gestures genuinely have the power to brighten someone's day. In a world often consumed by hustle and bustle, this mindful (and pretty awesome) gesture was a joy for plane passengers and those viewing at home.

I hope Andrew knows it will be hard to top this birthday for Jay, as it doesn't get much higher than 30,000 feet.

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