The only time it's not okay to enjoy a nice cold one is when it's trapped inside a  big hot one.

Police in Sioux Falls, S.D. arrested a person who pushed past officers and firefighters to "save their beer" after a multi-family home erupted in flames on Sunday.

Let's give this genius a (Pabst) Blue Ribbon for stupidity, shall we? Three people were injured in total, although it is unclear if the wiz who ran in to save his suds was among them. It's also unclear if he actually managed to retrieve the brewskis.

In the meantime, let this serve as an all-too-obvious reminder that, while nothing can beat a beer, maybe, just maybe, it's worth letting your stash go up in flames if it means saving your life. Because if you pull a stunt like this, people are going to think you have a drinking problem. And rightfully so.

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